My 2020 blog Top 20 Part 2


11. Patio Puzzle –


12. Saudi Muff Diving


13. Porn Star Names –


14.SIRI Translation gone wrong –


15, Arseritis –

Ref-Rogers Profanisaurus ‘Viz’ Magazine

16. The Menopause Minx –


17. WARNING-Woeful word play ahead. The Dry Robe surf war. Latest comments from the sea reveal it doesn’t sea the point of any dissension. Just enjoy the seanery. –


18. Elf on the shelf is officially married. Now called ‘Elf’-


19.Exercise caution whilst buying Bonsai trees as mine turned into a 75ft oak tree –


20. Four balled Finn –


Happy New Year

Here is to 2021

Kicking Covid up the bum

We’ve got this

Although temptation to rebel can be hard to resist 

For those that lost the fight

May we exalt them with our might

Their spirit whispers in our new beginning

In being vulnerable we are winning 

Our planet has had time to breathe

As for so long we fashioned it’s wreath

In isolation we value connection

We reflect and indulge in introspection 

Our suffering can make us stronger 

Can allow kindness and caring to linger

We are stronger in fighting this together 

Our pain will soon be our pleasure 


Adele Leahy