My 2020 blog Top 20 Part 1



1. Twatoo –


2.Six Impossible things before breakfast-


3. Time travel machine recall-


4. STD Bingo –


5. It’s a dog’s life –


6. Scottish for a day –


7. The internet cookies made me put on weight. Nothing else.-


8.  ‘ Bend and snap’ from Legally blonde is an effective and alluring technique for picking up dog poop.-


9. An unusual street request –


10.  Sir Sean Connery The Only Bond. –


Having begun my daily blog on October 13th I have enjoyed sharing with you what makes me smile. Hopefully I have achieved a modicum of success in putting a wry smile on your face. With the year that we have all had staying positive has never been more important. Although testing negative is just as important.  As we go back into what appears to be another strict lock down while we welcome in 2021 my new


‘Six impossible things before breakfast will be ‘

  1. Get dressed.
  2. Walk Buzz and Finn.
  3. Ensure Buzz and Finn do not become feral when the postman arrives.
  4. Resist updating myself on the latest Covid updates.
  5. Be proactive about my new year’s resolutions.
  6. Book a flight – anywhere. Just. Anywhere.


That’s all for now

Stay fab