Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 2 (Part 2 of 3)

  1. When I heard that Sean Lock had passed away, I dropped a few tears.  Like many millions of others, I adored him.  His wry, surreal and dry sense of humor will be sorely missed.

  1. What can I say? Finn at his glorious best.   Post groom doing his poo roll in the park with such zeal and fervor that I could only describe it as a doggiegasm. Trying to stop him was an unsuccessful endeavor.

  1. Every time I go to Malahide beach with Buzz and Finn, I think of the shit sand artist. Possibly a new Banksy in the making? Who knows?

4.This true story of survival is hard to believe. A young boy at sea for thirteen hours in County Kerry saved by a pod of dolphins.

  1. I enjoyed recalling my wild and heady youthful days of headshaking. And passing the chalice onto my sister by teaching her my technique.

6.Where is the baby that appeared on the front cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album now? And do you care ? Probably not…………


  1. My number is up. I have been reported to the Canine Federation of Ireland for unequal cuddling by Buzz and Finn. Lesson has been learnt.


  1. What a program? What a talent? Phoebe Waller Bridge is a genius. The opening scene of Fleabag is possibly my favorite scene ever.


9.It was a slow day and I decided to create alternative lyrics to this song.


  1. Yay. My short story about a very very very naughty nun will be published in Thi Wurd magazine in February 2022.  Inspired by Fleabag.

All the best

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