Best of fourth quarter 2021 Part 1 (Part 1 of 3)

Having completed a full year blogging here are my favorite blogs from the last quarter.

  1. Morning furry cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. The best doggy daily alarm ever.


  1. Besides Adele I think that Jennifer Lawrence has to be the funniest celebrity on the planet. She does not take herself or anyone else too seriously which is always so refreshing.


  1. Rockstars after they were famous was possibly one of my favorite blogs ever. Imagining joke jobs for current bands was never going to be a chore. Music, singers, songs and wordplay really float my boat. I unashamedly admit to being a bit of a nerd.


  1. Jimmy Carr and Johnny Vegas are a match made in heaven. Two comedy Gods extracting the urine from one another. What’s not to like?


  1. Without a doubt the best acceptance speech award has to go to Spike Milligan for this. I also love the fact that on his gravestone he has written’ I told you I wasn’t well’.


  1. I embrace my crazy side. As I have gotten older hiding it has become too exhausting.

  1. Me and my ingenious ideas. And somebody beat me to it.

  1. Elton John is another refreshing celebrity that does not take himself too seriously which is evident from this clip.

  1. Finn has notions far greater than his little size.

Which just makes him cuter in my eyes.( I’m a poet and I don’t know it).

  1. Irish sayings- we have so many. Yet seem to use so few. Here are some of the best.


All the best

Stay Fab