Winter solstice sunrise swim


I was so excited last night going to bed and imagining this morning’s swim.   I got there at 7.10 this morning having first walked Buzz and Finn. There were a few of the organizers there setting up as one of the girls in the group was celebrating their birthday. Sunrise came around pretty quick and we all started stripping off to head into the sea.

The sky was grey and drizzling us with rain but everyone’s spirits were high. It was freezing walking into the sea and freezing in the sea. The waves were great fun and I swallowed a gallon of sea water as I tried (unsuccessfully) to swim through them.

I had a lovely chat with a girl who loves walking but was not too keen on sea swimming.  Trying to convince her of the benefits of sea swimming was futile. It is certainly not for everyone,

Regardless of the cold my icy upper lip prevailed.  I remind myself that my favorite pastime is not all starfish and gentle playful waves and that I must not be a fair-weather swimmer.  Coming to think of it, it is never starfish and playful gentle waves. More like hydro masochism but I still love it.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.



Happy Sunday Solstice Eve

It was a glorious day to day. regardless of the cold wind. The sky was blue and the rain was nowhere in sight even though the weather report had mentioned a 50%   chance of it.  Tomorrow is the solstice and I am looking forward to it.  I marked it last year with a lovely group of people in the Dublin mountains at a Celtic ceremony where Liam ‘O Maonlai was in attendance and treated us to some music and dancing.

Tomorrow I am heading to Portmarnock beach for a sunrise swim. Apparently, it will be raining but as we will be in the sea it will not really matter.  I will make my intentions for the coming year and attempt to emerge from the sea with a modicum of grace.  However, it is more likely that I will resemble a shivering Grinch crossed with a hypothermic Shrek.

To be honest the best thing about swimming in the freezing cold sea is that how you look no longer becomes an issue as it is overcome by the sheer exhilaration of completing the act. I have wanted to sea swim for so many years and am so pleased that I am finally doing it.  I cannot wait for the Christmas morning swim as again this is something that has been on my to do list each year.


Have a great day.

Stay fab.



Wagger App Finn’s Bio


Hey, how’s it going?   I am Finn and my human ‘Adele’ advised me to share who I am to get a little doggy girlfriend.  There is something called an App and the doggy dating one is called ‘Wagger’?

Here is the link to Adele’s other three blogs where she explains it all.


I am not sure why I need a girlfriend as I have a fab brother called ‘Buzz’ and Adele is pretty amazing too.  But here goes.  I love cuddles.  I mean seriously love them.  As soon as Adele takes her hand away, I use my paw to remind her that her hand is meant for only one thing. And that one thing is stroking me and giving me cuddles.  So, I suppose that means that I am a bit needy.   I can’t help it really.   I just love them so much.

Ooohh and belly rubs.  They are just the best.  My day needs to begin and end with cuddles and belly rubs or else the day will not be a blissful one for me.  I adore playing with Buzz.  He is the best. I particularly love grabbing his collar with my teeth and pulling him across the bed. He loves when I do this.

Sniffing is another fav pastime.   With poo being my preferred substance.  I like to eat it as well.  But Adele doesn’t really like it when I do this.   Or when I roll in it.  When she leaves me off the leash. I get right down and dirty with the smelliest poo I can find.

I believe that my personal best drop and roll in poo was 20 times.  It’s just heaven.  But the bath when I get home is not so good as Adele has to wash me for a long time.  But once my fur is dry, I get lots of cuddles again.  I run a lot, when I am off the leash and am very fast. It drives Buzz mad as he can’t keep up with me and yelps in frustration.

I hope you like my photo.  I am not really a poser, although this photo does seem to look quite posey.  Say Hi if you would like a very outgoing doggy friend.


Pawsibly your next best friend


New Wagger App and Buzz


Over the last few days, I revealed that ‘The Elf’ got married, and is no longer on the shelf. We are unsure as to whom the life partner is but we do know that it used the new App ‘Wagger’ to find love.

This App was initially designed for dogs but went on to develop an exclusive membership option to include festive characters and mythical animals. As I have been appointed the agent for ‘The Elf’ I am awaiting the announcement to reveal The Elf’s new partner. Please refer to my previous two blogs re betting odds


In the meantime, Buzz has created his Bio for the Wagger app.  He has a brother called Finn who will be uploading his tomorrow.


Hi, I am Buzz, a four-year-old Morkie.  My human is Adele.  My hobbies are barking, wagging my tail, playing with my chicken chew toy that squeaks and drives me wild, and playing with my brother ‘Finn’ who is crrrrazy, a bit like Adele. Oh, and sniffing, how could I forget that? Without a doubt my all-time favorite hobby.

I like to think that I am almost forensic at sniffing. And I also like to think that I have healing qualities. When Finn hurt his eye, I licked it regularly for 2 days and it got better. I adore Adele and Finn so much. I also work full time, well, more than full time. 24/7 to be honest as a security guard for Adele, at home, in the car and whilst out walking. I can get very anxious as I don’t like being away from her or my brother.

I am looking for someone who likes to play and sniff.  Someone who is maybe the same age as me, as Finn is too fast at times when we play. Sometimes he whizzes by so fast I can barely see him. Sniffing is important and I don’t mind poo sniffing.  I am partial to it myself. But I draw the line at eating it. Finn does that and it grosses me out.

Adele still gives him lots of cuddles even though he eats poo but he is definitely more affectionate than me. Always has been. I have had to seriously up my game with the hugs and cuddles to make sure that I remain top dog.    Even though Adele and Finn are my best friends I still feel that I need a girlfriend to spice things up a bit. I hope that you are out there.


Pawsibly your new boyfriend


The Elf Contd

Continuing on from ‘The Elf’s’ latest adventure featured in yesterday’s blog

As you can see from the photo The Elf is now officially off the shelf and may I say looking all the better for it.

I realized this morning that I would need to possibly elucidate how The Elf became betrothed.  It would also be prudent to share that I have been asked to be The Elf’s agent which I am rather pleased about. Considering the upcoming  furore due to the impending Panorama interview and the onslaught of the paparazzi my appointment is timely.

The Elf has announced that it met its partner through ‘Wagger’, a new dating app for animals, originally for dogs. This is one of many apps for dating for animals but what sets this apart is its exclusive membership for exotic animals and festive stars such as reindeer, unicorns and elves.  The other unique feature is that both the animal and the human can both find playdates/ romantic dates.  The Elf has been asked to be the spokesperson for this app however it is as yet to identify who it has married.  Paddy Power is taking bets for the following

  1. Rudolph – Odds 8/1
  2. The Grinch – The Elf has recently been discharged from rehab for its addiction to its wild and self-sabotaging lifestyle. Some say that they may have met in rehab. My sources have yet to clarify. Odds 15/1
  3. The gingerbread man- Odds 20/1

Tomorrow I will share Buzz’s ‘Wagger’ bio (as he is desperate for a lady dog friend) and any further news on the Elf’s lifetime partner.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.




Elf on the shelf

‘Elf on the shelf’ so there is a sexist statement if I ever heard one? Ouch, that hurt. I just fell off my self- righteous high horse. The feckin elf pushed me.

According to its name it must have been female and unmarried. It’s just as well that reports now confirm its elopement and betrothal. I am looking forward to the renaming ceremony where ‘on the shelf’ will be removed.

My sources have also confirmed that it will soon be publishing a tell all book to reveal the squalid and oppressive conditions of its employment for the last many years. This will be a full expose where details of torture such as being stuck to a toilet overnight will be revealed. Staying awake overnight in a fridge and suffering hypothermia as a result are also experiences that the Elf would rather forget.

Apparently, Santa was unaware of the Elf’s dreadful experiences. The Elf did not want to risk being the whistle-blower.  ‘Martin Bashir’ will be airing a panorama interview with said Elf on Christmas Eve where every detail of its torturous life will be discussed. There are rumors that it will be retiring in 2021. Elf has suffered from COVID this year following double pneumonia caused by hypothermia.

For now, we are unaware of who The Elf married. But rumors abound that it may be Rudolph.  If this happens Christmas for 2021 will be in serious jeopardy as Santa may well be down two of his most loyal staff.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.


Bonsai Blues

I bought this feckin Bonsai last year. And look at it I can’t even return it.

All kidding aside I’ve realized that life is often about expectations. And how I manage them can determine my peace of mind at any given time. A mind in pieces or peace of mind? I prefer the latter anytime. And a latte if there is one going.

I’ve also realized that whilst I can be quick enough to pick up and learn new things that I can be just as dim in many other respects.  I suppose I am as good as I am bad.

Case in point.  I left Finn in the crate in the car the other day with Buzz.  I was gone no more than usual, 20 minutes.  As Buzz is 4 years old, I can trust him to not eat my car therefore he is not in a crate. Finn has done this. As in eaten my car. He chewed my gear stick, seat belt, brake and arm rest.  For some reason I hoped each time that he would not. Optimism (stupidity) reigned supreme.  Each time I was proved wrong. Hence the crate.

I need to put a harness on Finn as he still pulls whilst walking.  I don’t mean pulls other dogs, as in gets his jiggy on (like yesterday’s blog) but pulls me along like he is a feckin Rudolph pulling Santa on his sleigh.

Anyhoo I left the harness on him, again, thinking, that he would not chew it off him. And guess what? Gobshite extraordinaire Leahy has to buy a new harness. I would like to say I have learnt for the final time but there will be another day when I will try and see if he is over chewing anything and everything phase.

Maybe I will get him to tackle the overgrown Bonsai tree?  I have no doubt that he could whittle it down to a pencil in a few hours.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.


Finn, ‘The love machine’

Last year when Finn was a puppy, I brought him to my friend’s house in Athenry , Galway.  She has a beautiful labradoodle named Charlie who is 11 years old but still acts like a gorgeous affectionate puppy.  Both Buzz and Finn loved playing with Charlie in my friend’s garden.  They were in doggy heaven.

We had a lovely doggie walk in the bog area close to her home. When we returned, I expected that they would be tired. However, Finn took a fancy to Charlie’s leg and started humping it.

I had to get it on video as Charlie was so nonchalant about the whole thing.  He just stood there and didn’t move. As if to say, ‘I always knew I was irresistible but I never knew that my back leg was so sexy.  Off you go Finn, knock yourself out.  It’s all yours ‘.

I am relieved to say that this behavior has stopped and in fact it is a year and a half since this video was taken and he has not done it since.  He obviously was well sated after this loving tryst and has not felt the need to repeat his performance.   It is just as well as I am pretty sure that there is not another dog in Ireland that would react in such a calm and carefree manner.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.



Poem Bliss



Listening to my minds voice
I choose choice
Freedom of will
I choose to stand still
To sense the earth’s pulse beneath the soil
To listen and not to toil
To inhale the earth’s breath on the wind
To my bliss I will attend

I will bathe in the sea
Let its watery kiss caress me
Let the wind blow my mind
Then let it whisper kind
Words to soothe my soul
With the birdsong to make me whole

The doubts and wherefores
Can scurry along
As my heart swells
And my senses belong

Too long I have counted the cost of my pain
Day mares reliving again and again
The seething resentment
Becomes soothing content
The ego and pride
Have been moved aside

Whilst I whisper my blessings
And give thanks for the day
As long as I have this moment

I will always find a way.

By Adele Leahy

Four balled Finn

When Finn was a puppy for some reason, he was blessed with two sets of testicles. As we say in Ireland ‘To be sure, to be sure’. Why have one set when you can have two?  I affectionately named him ‘4 balled Finn’.

One day I brought him to the vet and asked the vet why he had two sets and showed him the photo. He said that the second set were not testicles but enlarged glands. I was somewhat relieved yet disappointed at the same time.

It was not that I had any intentions of enrolling him in a freak canine circus (they are very popular in Outer Mongolia) with me bellowing ‘Roll up, roll up, come and see 4 balled Finn ‘. It was more that I enjoyed entertaining the idea that he had two sets when most other canines had one.

He has had the snip and his second set are no more. Some say that a dog can lose some of his character after the procedure but I am glad to say that he is as feisty and affectionate as ever. A proper little cuddle monster. For the purposes of full disclosure and transparency Finn did sign a consent to release this photo considering that it is of such an intimate nature.


Have a great day.

Stay fab.